What if one day you disappeared?

Would anyone notice?

I'm not sure how it happened. I woke up on a morning like any other.

I didn't die, didn't get into an accident and float out of a wreck. One morning I woke up, and my body was gone. I was out of body, and that was about it.

This was chosen for me. My name is James.This was chosen for me. My name is James.

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I always thought I'd get married and have kids someday. Family man, just like the folks wanted, just like my brother. I guess "someday" never really became "today" - it always just felt a few more years out.

And so, I had an apartment in the city, a freelance career, and not too many people have come looking since I've disappeared. I guess that is why I'm looking for a new body.

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A ghost of a man (James) wanders through a murky 1994 San Francisco night. He recounts his experience waking up one morning with his body gone.

His old life disappears as well and he spends his days drifting from the piers, to Chinatown, onto the Haight District and back, hopeless and without purpose.

James one day comes upon a locked warehouse. He finds his way in and discovers a form of electronic interference that transfers him to different outposts around the world.

At each outpost, James meets another ghost in exactly the same predicament, with one major difference. Each of them owns, and possessively guards, a body part—their only hope at normal life again. Some spirits are overjoyed to see another spirit like them. Others are not.


From Siberian winter woods, to rural Wisconsin, Indian hill stations, and Tokyan nightlife, James must find a way to rob each spirit of their body part in order to put his back together.

What led to the loss of these bodies? Who will hold James to account for seizing the little hope the others have left?

Out of Body is a "point-and-click" narrative adventure, reminiscent to classics such as Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Monkey Island, as well as modern tales like Gemini Rue and Kentucky Route Zero.


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